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In short:

Yes, dogs do get colds, but these are not the same as human colds. Dog colds may go away on their own if your dog’s immune system is strong enough. However, it is advised to take care of your dog the same way you would care for a…

In a nutshell:

Dog dandruff is just as troubling as human dandruff. Some of the causes might differ but home care and additional trips to the vet will go a long way in ensuring your dog’s skin isn’t flaky. …

Colitis hos hunde

Colitis rammer almindeligvis, men ikke udelukkende mennesker. Forskellige typer kæledyr, herunder hunde, kan lide af colitis. Bemærk, at colitis også er kendt som inflammatorisk tarmsygdom.

Hunde er ligesom katte meget udsat for colitis. De kan få betændelse i tyktarmen, hvilket giver dem meget ubehag og mange symptomer. Tyktarmen er den…

Colitis in dogs

Colitis commonly but not exclusively affects human beings. Various types of pets, including dogs can suffer from colitis. Note that colitis is also known as inflammatory bowel disease.

Dogs, just like cats, are highly prone to colitis. They can get inflammation in their colon or large intestines, which causes them…

Kurz zusammengefasst:

Cannabis kann Katzen high werden lassen. Sie sollten nicht mit Marihuana- oder Cannabisblättern in Berührung kommen und auch keinem Rauch ausgesetzt werden.

Katzenhalter, die Cannabis für den Eigenkonsum verwenden, müssen Cannabisprodukte in geschlossenen Behältern und außerhalb der Reichweite der Tiere aufbewahren.

Passives Einatmen von Rauch hat ebenfalls eine…

In short:

Bad breath in dogs can be a sign of a tooth or gum disease or other illness.

Preventing bad breath is easier than getting rid of it. You can do this by brushing your dog’s teeth twice a week and treating them with chewy snacks and appropriate toys.

In a nutshell:

Cats can get high from cannabis. Protect them from accidental exposure to marijuana or cannabis leaves, edibles, or smoke.

Cat owners who use cannabis for personal use, must stash cannabis products or accessories in closed containers and keep them out of reach of pets.
Secondhand smoke does affect…


Decidere la giusta dose di CBD per i cani può essere complicato. Il dosaggio può essere diverso da un cane all’altro. In generale, ti consigliamo di iniziare con un basso dosaggio e di osservare la reazione del tuo cane. Ricorda, alcuni fattori influenzano il dosaggio da dare all’animale e il…


Ustalenie odpowiedniej dawki CBD dla psa może być skomplikowane. Dawka może się różnić w zależności od psa. Zalecamy zacząć od małej dawki i obserwować reakcję psa. Pamiętaj, że na dawkę, którą podajesz swojemu psu, mają wpływ pewne czynniki. …

CBD Dosering för hundar

Att bestämma rätt dos CBD för hundar kan vara förvirrande. Dosen kan variera från hund till hund. Generellt rekommenderar vi att du börjar med en låg dos och följer din hunds reaktion. Kom ihåg att vissa faktorer påverkar dosen du ger ditt husdjur, men det viktigaste är deras storlek. …


A part of the Nordic Oil family, NatuPet is a new, dedicated pet brand, committed to developing high-quality CBD products for the comfort and care of your pets

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